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We all have worth, we all have value. Intrinsically. The moment you where born, and took your first breath you were valuable. Our culture has it severely mixed up. Some people only deem you valuable if you have something to offer them. Specifically, if you are of a certain financial status, or relationship status. Culture says you’re worthy if you drive the latest car or if your children go to the best schools. But the truth is this.

True worth and value have nothing to do with anything that can be added or taken away.

Unfortunately, that is how this generation judges value and worth. It’s no longer cool to be a genuinely nice person, if you aren’t snarky or downright rude…people don’t respect you. What a shame that our values are so skewed we fail to see something good when it’s right in front of us. Smh.

Isn’t it funny that true worth is always there in us, and it’s hard to discover. But oh so easy to give away. I remember time and time again when I gave away pieces of myself to people, and situations that were not good for me. When I invested myself in things but received no return, there was an unexplained deep sadness that I felt. I gave my value away for nothing.

We’ve all been there:
*Investing in a friend that takes, takes, takes but never gives.
*Pouring yourself into a job or career that sees you as nothing more than a number in a system.
*Giving yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically to person that is playing games while you are playing for keeps.
*Finding yourself in the same vicious cycle because you are too afraid to stop and unlearn to relearn.

Well there is good news…

You can get to the place where you learn just how valuable you are. Never forget that you are wonderfully made. Your worth is far more valuable than rubies. Repeat this to yourself daily, you are enough. You deserve a good friend. You’re worthy of a loyal, true love. If you want to work a 9-5, you deserve to work for a company with integrity. Your heart deserves to be loved unconditionally. You can want to be in relationship with people who love you so much it’s overwhelming. Be confident in your abilities. You can choose to navigate life being kind and vulnerable.

Many people believe that they are damaged goods and that they don’t deserve anything more than mediocre. Remember though, a dollar bill can be torn to shreds and when taped back together it will still be worth 1 dollar. You may have been through a lot, but you are still valuable! Walk in it!

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