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#MomConfession: Christmas Pics

I’d like to introduce you to a new segment that I will be writing from time to time called #MOMCONFESSIONS. I absolutely love being my daughters mom, but if I’m honest, this thing gets hard sometimes. I will be sharing transparently, about some of my thoughts and experiences with my little one. Some will be entertaining, some more on the serious side. But the mission is to help us see that motherhood is not “one size fits all”, and as much as I sometimes aspire toward Clair Huxtable status…I’m not her. Let’s jump in!

I woke up on a Saturday morning with every intention to arrive on time to JC Penny for our 10a photo appointment. As you may know, things don’t always turn out as planned. It seemed like everything that could go wrong that morning absolutely went wrong. Something told me to call the portrait studio to confirm, and sure enough, the young girl exclaimed in a super cheery, christmas-y, sweet voice “I’m sorry ma’am (ma’am? cue 3rd cry of the morning), it looks like your appointment was scheduled for LAST┬áSaturday and we don’t have anymore weekend openings until the New Year, thanks for calling though”. CLICK. Due to other insignificant things that had happened that morning, and the news that I had missed our appointment…my tears could no longer be contained. I quickly tried to regroup because I knew Bailey would be coming in my room in the next 30 seconds fully dressed and ready to leave. Like clockwork, she turned the corner and was fully dressed, and cute as a button (if I do say so myself). She announced “mama, I picked my clothes myself, did my own hair and I’m ready to go take pictures”. I’m sure I looked stunned because she was wearing something completely different than what I had laid out for her, and she had her little afro working, instead of the slick bun I had in mind, but she was cute nonetheless. I was going for the dressy Christmas look and she was definitely dressed down. “Bailey, mama made a mistake and we missed our appointment for pictures, so you can go get undressed.” She quickly responded, “mama, your fancy camera is on the bookshelf, we can just take our own picture, or you can take it with my iPhone if you want, I know how to set the timer.” I love my daughter. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her! Her little personality is such a blessing to me. She is not fazed by much, and is always looking for a solution. I told her she was right, changed out of the dressy clothes, grabbed the camera, and headed to the little grassy area around the corner from our house. After about 100 takes (no lie), these are a few of the photos that we came up with. They are┬ánot professionally retouched, we don’t look Christmas-y (lol) and the background is not perfectly centered, but it’s us and we like them. Merry Christmas folks, and remember everything doesn’t have to be perfect to be good.



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