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I’m So Offended

Hey! I hope all is well with you. Let’s talk about The Spirit of Offense…sounds deep and scary, right? It’s really not, and I hope to help someone by sharing my experiences. I can share this confidently because I struggled with this spirit from the age of 16 until my mid 30’s…but by the grace of God, much prayer, journaling, and years of professional counseling I am free! These observations are from my personal experience and my research. So let’s dig in.

10 Signs that you may carry the spirit of offense in your heart

  1. You have unresolved grief/resentment/unforgiveness regarding something that happened in the past.
  2. You are offended/bothered by something that has nothing to do with you, and then you find a way to get involved and make it about you. (1Thess 4:11-12)
  3. The spirit of offense will cause you to tell about an offense over and over. You also may also solicit others to validate or confirm the alleged offense. (Prov 17:9)
  4. The spirit of offense will cause you to be offended easily and often.
  5.  You seeks to make other people look bad, but will fail to take responsibility for your actions and/or conceal your part in the matter. (Matthew 7:3-5)
  6. A major tell-tale characteristic of a person with the spirit of offense is chronic passive-aggressive behavior and false humility. (Phil 2:3)
  7. You travel in packs or cliques that are resistant to new people, new thought patterns, new anything…you are STUCK. (Mark 2:22)
  8. You take on the victim mindset, and behave as if everyone is against you and people owe you something.
  9. You are involved in petty quarrels and misunderstandings because you immediately respond emotionally, and fail to see what is right or beneficial.
  10. You do not take correction well.

Just like the spirit of fear, offense is a spirit  that does not come from God, and he did not intend for us to live our lives offended by every little thing. If you are struggling with this know that God can help you just like he helped me bring my mind to a level place, and release past pains and offenses. In your prayer time, ask God where this spirit originated in your life and really do the work to find out how it evolved. I encourage you to pray fervently to be free from this spirit (read Psalm 51:1-17), because when left unchecked it can cause major havoc in your life. Honestly, it can be very hard to see our own flaws, so (if you are ready) ask someone you trust if they see anything in you that can be improved, make changes if need be, move forward, and LIVE!

Xoxo, Carnisha

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