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Valuable & Vibrant

The Confidence Factor

April 5, 2018 @ 7p

Houston, Texas


What is The Confidence Factor?

Recently, I have found myself surrounded by women who want to do great things, but honestly, we’re stuck. Some of us are not confident in our abilities, and don’t know how to juggle career, family, and relationships all while keeping it together. We want to address the issues head on. Thus, Valuable & Vibrant: The Confidence Factor 2018 was birthed. This event will help us get to the heart of the matter, and find solutions by principal based lessons and personal experiences from our speakers. Find out more about Valuable & Vibrant here

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Introducing…Dee C Marshall

Some people just leave an impression on you after the first time you meet them. Dee C Marshall is one of those people. She is a beautiful spirit that I had the pleasure of meeting a few years back. There are no words to truly capture her impact on my life, once you experience her firsthand you’ll understand.

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Words from Carnisha…

I’m so excited about this upcoming Valuable & Vibrant gathering. I hope this will be a time for you to put some action behind the things you have been thinking and praying about. I hope you will hear something or meet someone that will help you regain your confidence and give you that little push to move forward. I will continue to prayerfully and thoughtfully plan this event in hopes that it will be better than we could ever imagine and more impactful than we ever thought possible.


Event Photos

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Many thanks to our generous sponsors for their support of this event

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