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About Carnisha

Carnisha Joi Emanuel is a young woman who is living out her purpose. She was introduced to the power of God’s Word while attending therapy after a experiencing a traumatic sexual assault at the age of sixteen. Carnisha has seen firsthand the power of forgiveness, and personal development in her life, and has a desire to see that same power work in the lives of others.
This young woman believes that right living will produce the kind of life that will inspire people in their circle of influence. Carnisha seeks to encourage others to stop living in “grey” areas, but to live according to the Word of God. Out of this personal belief, she was led her to start PURE. Through PURE, Carnisha has worked with The Star of Hope, various churches in the Greater Houston Area, and the Houston Area Boys and Girls Club. In 2014, as a result of her own personal crisis and evolution, PURE transitioned to Valuable & Vibrant and Carnisha has continued to teach etiquette, encourage women and teach from her own life experiences.
Carnisha is a proud wife and mother. She lives with her family in the Pearland suburb of Houston, Texas. She is a student of her experiences, and a certified Life Coach. As her borders expand, Carnisha continues to serve in her local church, and create online courses. She is currently growing her organization Valuable & Vibrant, writing a book, traveling, and working to see her dreams in living color.
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