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Year In Review

Last night, I sat in my favorite spot on the sofa and reflected on 2017. The highs and lows, the failures and the victories. I have seen quite a few post on social media saying 2017 was the worst year ever, but thankfully, that was not the case for me. Don’t get me wrong, everything was not perfect, but I’ve tried to adopt the perspective that either you win or you learn. So even if I didn’t necessarily “win” in a particular area of my life, I learned a lesson, and lessons are just as valuable as wins (to me). There are several criteria that I evaluate myself on and based on those, I don’t have any complains. Here is my personal Year In Review.

My Daughter

There is nothing more important to me than being a great mother to my daughter, and continuing to see her happy and flourishing. I was looking at some old videos of her, mixed with the cute little snaps she sends me and I am amazed at how fast they grow up. I’m truly grateful to be her mom. She has always been a great student, but this year she has been on all A honor roll, tried out and made the dance team, ran for student council, and has been trying to grow in her relationship with God. As a mother, these things make me proud.

Sometimes I worry, because this world is really different than when I was growing up, but I trust God to take care of her, and I know that I have everything in me to teach her how to be a productive citizen. 🙂 Parenting is a full-time job and doesn’t come with a user’s manual, but I wouldn’t trade this for the world. 🙂


Professionally, this was a rough year. Very rough. The politics, the back and forth, the negotiations, the nepotism…yeah, yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah. I will spare you all the dirty details, but thankfully, in the 9th hour. Things were made right, and I was blessed to get the promotion and the money. Let’s take a pause for “the money”….. Ok, and we’re back. So yeah. Honestly, I am not super passionate about the work, and I know I won’t be working corporate for much longer, but I see this season as an opportunity to make good money doing something I do very well, until God shows me what is next. I have great benefits, and plenty of vacation time so I’m not mad.


This year personally was about taking a step back from helping everybody else and just taking care of me. For so long, I’ve been in trying to manage so many people and their needs, wants, and issues. It became too much, so I had to regroup. Change of scenery helps, thus I was blessed to go on a trip or mini-trip every month this year. I saw my therapist for a few rounds and we dug into some issues that have been bothering me for years. Some events people wanted me to go to, I didn’t go. I completed reading 32 books.

I worked on my finances, and invested. All the ranting and venting on Facebook made me feel uncomfortable so I stopped scrolling and took the app off my phone. I wrote 2 books, they are both 80% finished. Started a new IG page for my organization Valuable & Vibrant (follow ya girl :)). I worked out consistently, and drink wine, and ate a lot of Mexican food. This year was about finding out what works good for me and then doing those things. I’m so proud of myself, because for so many years I was bound by the thought of letting anyone down, always at my own expense. I’m still learning balance, but I feel like I’m much happier because I spent a whole year working on me.


Spiritually, I am in a different place, a beautiful place, but different than anything I’ve experienced. My whole life, I have seen God through the lens of “church”. Unfortunately, when church failed, or people in church failed, that altered my relationship with God. Thankfully, now I see God for who and what He is and has been to me outside of church. This perspective has deepened my relationship with Christ because He is more to me than a couple hours on Sunday morning and during the week. I look forward to continuing my walk, and becoming more like Him. I’m also inspired to share my life experiences and journey with God even if I doesn’t look like what I saw growing up in church.  I recently purchased a new Bible from She Reads Truth , and it’s really opening my eyes to scripture in a beautiful way. God is dope.

As you can see, 2017 has been full of ups and downs, and this was just an overview for ya’ll. If I had to rate it, on a scale of one to ten, 2017 was a solid eight. I’m really excited about 2018, not because of a date on the calendar, but because 2017 was my year to get things in order. I’ve sowed good seeds, I’ve done a lot of work, covered everything in prayer and primed myself for what I’m hoping to see in the future. May 2018 be the year that you and I both see our dreams come true.



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