1. Be fully present. Try not to live your life looking through your phone/computer screen. When was the last time you went to the park and sat in the grass and watched your child play or watched people?

2. Mutual accountability is a major key in relationships. If a person will not be accountable to you and with you (on some level) they are likely to become reckless with the relationship because they don’t care about the outcome.

3. People are watching how you handle your struggles, so handle them gracefully. There are few things greater than rising above your difficulties and handling them like a mature adult.

4. Set your priorities in order: God first, then me and mine, then others.

5. Pay attention to those who don’t clap when you win. If there are people close to you that cannot, will not celebrate even your small victories with you…you may want to re-evaluate their friendship. 

6. This is the only body you’ll ever have so take good care of it. Drink water, put on sunscreen, get active. You know this.

7. There is power in letting go. Holding on to things beyond their expiration date in your life can be tragic. Sometimes it’s best to love people from a distance.

8. Raise the bar. People will continue to give you the bare minimum if that’s all you require.

9. Take nothing personal. Most of the time when people act out towards you, they are projecting their own internal issues and insecurities.

10. Because God is the standard, always try to do what is right no matter what other people are doing.

11. By all means, be yourself. The world needs to experience you. 

12. Social media can be a huge distraction…govern yourself accordingly. Resist the urge to display a fake life that will get you more “likes” and follows. All of that is temporal. 

13. Sometimes you need to get off the grid and work on yourself.

14. Do not, under any circumstances, tolerate insecurity in yourself. Always remember you were handcrafted by God, and you are enough.

15. People will always make time for what is important to them. Remember that.

16. Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, learn what it REALLY is per 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and then give it freely.

17. Most people you will encounter have good intentions, so allow yourself to be open, and vulnerable. Enjoy life!

18. Unfortunately, we live in a Love & Hip Hop, Basketball Wives culture. People love a good messy situation until it’s their life on display. Stay above the drama. There is not a penny worth the BS. When they go low, go high. ALWAYS.

19. Cowards will always throw rocks and then hide their hands.

20. Pain turns a woman into a warrior. Let your troubles work for you.